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Hi-Tech Mechanics
Precision Machining

We produce machining items using CNC turning and milling.

The factory macnufactures machining items series in mass-production.

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Customer Feedback

"Our company is an international manufacturing company in the field of medical devices.
we have frequent work relations with
Hi-Tech Mechanics for 10 years now regarding production of machining items.
Hi-Tech Mechanics played a key role in the development process of our..."


Why Hi-Tech Mechanics?

 5-Axis turning and milling.
 A personal customers-relation point to
     every cusotmer to ensure constant
     updates on the manufacturing process.

 A unique operations system which
     ensure exact lead-times.

 Especially short lead-time when

 27 Mazak machining centers which
     enable mass production and short
 ISO 9001:2008 & AS9100-D quality
 "Ship to stock" quality level.

About us...

Hi-Tech Mechanics, which founded in 1997, is one of the veteran and experience machining factories in Israel.

We deal mainly with mass-production but
specialize as well in prototypes when needed.

We work with various types of raw materials such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel, Teflon, PVC, Invar etc.
Here you can see the first lathe of Mazak.
Well, we have progressed a little bit and today our machines are the State of the Art.



Many of us know thw Stainless Steel.
But only a few know who discovered it...

especially for you - a series of fascinating articles describing the history of Machining from its very first day...

Hi-Tech Mechanics manufactures precision machining items in terms of microns for the various indistries - Medical, Electro-Optics, Laser, Aeoronautics etc.

The factory is one of the biggest in Israel and composed of 32 machining centers, including 27 advanced Mazak machining centers.

We mainly concentrate in mass-production.
Hi-Tech Mechanics Ltd., Machining Factory, 15 Ha'Oman Street, Jerusalem, +972-2-6793368, +972-52-7507776,
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