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Hi-Tech Mechanics provides machining services to various companies in Israel and internationally.
Hi-Tech Mechanics specialized in various fields, among them – Laser, Electro-Optics, medical devices, Aviation and more.
Each field has its own specifics, precisions, materials, etc…
We know deeply all these subjects and aware to the main issues in each field.

Our Clients (a partial list):

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Appreciation letter for Hi-Tech Mechanics
I would like to mention the good service and treatment that I get from Hi-Tech Mechanics in regard
to lead time, answering my requests and the contact with the production managers whenever needed.
And off course the service department.
In addition, I would like to mention the good quality.
Best regards,
T. Ch.
Re: appreciation and thanks
During the years, I worked with many good suppliers. However, I have warm feelings to
Hi-Tech Machining for your quick response, the exact timing and off course for the results.
I would like to express my satisfaction and to recommend on your experience, professionalism,
creativity and responsibility that give us serenity.
Well Done
​Re: Hi-Tech Mechanics
Hi-Tech Mechanics is one of our machining suppliers. We started to work with Hi-Tech Mechanics on 2010.
Ever since Hi-Tech Mechanics delivered the best service that can be delivered, from price quote until the items provided.
From a tour that I did in the company I was impressed from the high professionalism of the employees in the different departments and from the wide variety of machines in the production hall.

Best Regards,
A. Sh.
​Hello Amit,
I would like to thank you for the service Hi-Tech Mechanics deliver to us.

In every order I get a quick response and at the same time you pay attention
to every detail so the order can be delivered in full with no faults.

I would like to take the opportunity and to thank all the dear people working in conjunction
with me, for their professionalism in every order and for care for meeting the lead time.

And for the team responsible for the orders for giving fast response to any request.

Best Regards,
​Hello Amit,
I would like to let you know that the project was successfully tested and delivered to the final customer on time.
Your contribution helped us to meet the lead time of our customers and we appreciate it very much.
Please send my appreciation to whom that was involved – Avraham, Itzik, Benny…
I wish for more productive cooperation.
Best Regards,
​Re: Appreciation letter
Our company is an international manufacturing company in the field of medical devices.
we have frequent work relations with Hi-Tech Mechanics for 10 years now regarding 
production of machining items.
Hi-Tech Mechanics played a key role in the development process of our product during
the first years of the company and today it's a key supplier delivering machining items for the
current production.
The relations between the companies are based on understanding and on the fact that our strict
requirements must be met – requirements such as quality standards, lead time and the fact that
we should keep up with the competition in the market.
Considering all these factors, the production volume was increased dramatically in the last few
years and we believe that this trend will be kept also in the future.
Best Regards,
Hi-Tech Mechanics Ltd., Machining Factory, 15 Ha'Oman Street, Jerusalem, +972-2-6793368, +972-52-7507776, amit@hitechm.com
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