Since 1997, the factory is expanding continuously and now it include 85 employees - turning and milling personnel, CNC Programmers, Engineers, Quality Control and Quality Assurance, Marketing and Operating personnel.

Itzik Akilov is the Chief Executive Officer of Hi-Tech Mechanics.

Hi-Tech Mechanics deliver services to all the Hi-Tech and medical industry, as well as the following indusries: Laser, Optics, Robotics, Printing, Aviation and many more.

Hi-Tech Mechanics Leaders

Beni Akilov - Chairman of the Hi-Tech Group and the joint owner of Hi-Tech Mechanics and Hi-Tech Engineering Planning and Developing Ltd.
​Together with his brother, Itzik Akilov, he established Hi-Tech Mechanics factory in 1997.
The Akilov brothers worked for many years in the industry and became to be experts in the field of machining. They were commended for their contribution and innovation.
They are known for their ability to find solutions for manufacturing of delicate and complex machining parts.
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