Hi-Tech Mechanics manufactures unique and exceptional machining items using
CNC milling and turning, to various industries.

Hi-Tech Mechanics is one of the big and experienced machining factories in
Israel, since 1997.

The factory is built for massive mass-production.


The production lines of Hi-Tech Mechanics are composed from Mazak machines
only (Mazak is the common name in the western world for the Japanese corporation Yamazaki Mazak Corporation, which deals with manufacturing of machining machines). These machines are controlled by the Unique computer language imposing strict procedures.

The factory maintain the highest technical level and is using 3, 4 and 5 axis
machines - turning and combined machines (turning and milling).

The factory contain 27 Machining Centers.

The maximum piece size that we manufacture in milling is about 300mm x 500mm
x 1000xx, and in 300mm diameter in turning.

The final quality of the items is of top importance, so every item gets an individual treatment, until getting a very high finish level.

The offices of Hi-Tech Mechanics.

About Hi-Tech Mechanics - Machining Factory

Why Hi-Tech Mechanics?

 5 axis turning and milling.
 Personal customer service representative
     ensures continous updates of your orders.

 Unique operations system which ensures
     exact lead times.

 Lead time of 7 days for prototypes.
 Precision level of microns.
 27 Machining Centers of Mazak capable
     for high production and short lead time.

 Compliance with ISO standards and

 delivery and transportation all around Israel
     and also abroad. Door to Door service.
The leaders of Hi-Tech Mechanics:

Among our customers...

הסמכת AS9100C הייטק מכניקה

AS9100D Certificate:

Each one of our QC rooms is equipped with the most advanced testing equipment:
LeftFull CMM Coordinated Measuring Machine, by Mitutoyo (XYZ Device), GeoPak SW.
LeftFull Baty Comperator with Metronix Computer System.
LeftFull TESA Altimiter – up to 900mm – all sensor types.
LeftFull All types of gauges required for manufacturing: Thread gaugesm Pin gauges, Johnson Blocks (for width measurements)…
LeftFull Hommel Surface-Quality gauges, all kinds of calipers, micrometeres, fasometeres, Elcometer coating-thichness gauges, and more.​
LeftFull Granite Measuring Table.
Contact Us:
Hi-Tech Mechanics Ltd., Machining Factory, 15 Ha'Oman Street, Jerusalem, +972-2-6793368, +972-52-7507776, amit@hitechm.com
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